Reviews from Ferragudo Dreaming Podcast guests

In January, Sandra of Ferragudo Dreams invited me to be a guest on her podcast Ferragudo Dreaming.  I had met Sandra and appreciated the work she was doing with entrepreneurs. As a writer and storyteller, I could not pass up an opportunity to tell my own story.  Sitting in her apartment felt like visiting a friend and chatting away on topics that were meaningful to us. Sandra invited me to share how I came to live in Portugal, and she asked about my upcoming book and my retreats in Portugal. We both love Ferragudo and the lives we have created here. Those who have listened to the podcast have been inspired to read more of my writing and have inquired about my retreats. So this enjoyable conversation became an effective marketing tool for me too. We talked, laughed and had a lovely time together. I encourage entrepreneurs who would like to share their stories to be a guest on the Ferragudo Dreaming podcast and share a cup of tea and conversation with Sandra.

Alicia M. Rodriguez | Writer. Storyteller.

Alicia M. Rodriguez

AliciaMRodriguez, writer/storyteller

Sandra, thank you for the opportunity to experience my very first podcast, it was a fun experience! So far I only get nice and positive reactions, even from people who know me well and who have heard something new. It is nice to give more insight into my person, my writing and my love for Portugal in such a way. Thank you for giving me this stage and keep up the good work!

Sandra, bedankt voor de mogelijkheid om mijn allereerste podcast mee te maken, het was een leuke ervaring! Ik krijg tot nu toe alleen maar leuke en positieve reacties, zelfs van mensen die mij goed kennen en die toch nog weer wat nieuws hebben gehoord. Het is leuk om op zo'n manier meer inzicht te geven in mijn persoon, mijn schrijfwerk en mijn liefde voor Portugal. Dank je wel dat je me dit podium hebt gegeven en ga zo door!

Thuis in de Algarve.

Ellen van Herk

Writer / Portugal lover

During two podcasts I was 'put to the test' by Sandra. She asked specific questions about my business Plan to Planning and entrepreneurship. Putting it to the test was not so bad, it was a pleasant two-way conversation in which we got to the heart of both business and private life. My workation and the interpretation of future workations were also central to the podcast, which resulted in good joint ideas. A nice setting to share your story 'at the kitchen table'. In addition to recording your own podcast, it is of course also interesting to listen to podcasts from other entrepreneurs and workationers in order to gain even more inspiration.

Tijdens twee podcasts ben ik 'aan de tand gevoeld' door Sandra. Ze stelde gerichte vragen over mijn bedrijf Plan tot Planning en het ondernemerschap. Het aan de tand voelen viel overigens reuze mee, het was een aangenaam tweerichtingsgesprek waarin we tot de kern kwamen op zowel zakelijk- als privévlak. Ook stond mijn workation en de invulling van toekomstige workations in de podcast centraal, wat resulteerde in goede gezamenlijke ideeën. Een fijne setting om je verhaal te delen 'aan de keukentafel'. Naast het opnemen van een eigen podcast is het uiteraard ook interessant om podcasts van andere ondernemers en workationers terug te luisteren om zo nog meer inspiratie op te doen.  

Daisy van Willigen

Plan tot Planning

Was a truly pleasure be invited to participate in the podcast organized by Sandra from Ferragudo Dreams since I had the opportunity to give my contribute and point of view about work as Hotel Manager in a such beautiful place like Hotel Rural Bricia Du Mar in Ferragudo and being a mother of 3 children. Time management is the secret to find the right balance between your professional and personal live.

Raquel Abrantes

Hotel Rural Bricia du Mar

What a warm welcome I experienced at our first meeting that will certainly not be the last. The way you guided me before the podcast was to be recorded took a lot of nerves away from me. It was therefore very pleasant to talk to you about my work as an Aroma and Flower Therapist at your kitchen table. Realizing what a beautiful platform you offer with workations and Ferragudo Dreams. A way of working that offers so much freedom and a warm welcome for those who choose to work in a special place under the sun. Then the model is a warm bath to step in, out of your familiar surroundings in to the light of Ferragudo. 

Thank you for who you are. For sure we meet again.

Wicky van Deemter

Aroma & Flower Therapist

Do you like public speaking? It used to feel awkward for me to be able to speak in front of an audience or in a podcast. Were people waiting to hear my story? Wasn't it narcissistic to put myself on a stage like that?

Not only as an entrepreneur, but for anyone who wants to make dreams come true, speaking about them in public is pure necessity. You prefer to do this against people who, like you, are willing to take big action. Talking about it a lot increases the chance that your dreams will come true. It provides focus, a good incentive to keep going and often unexpected help.

That's exactly why I'm happy to talk to you about my goals with Angels & Dragons in the Ferragudo Dreaming podcast by Ferragudo Dreams (Sandra Westein). Sandra is a beautiful person, willing to completely change her life, live months without her husband and take financial risks. This to make both herself and other people's entrepreneurial dreams come true.

New views give you new insights. And from the studio in beautiful Ferragudo, our conversation will do the same for you.

Jacco van den Brink

Angels & Dragons

I really enjoyed our conversation at Ferragudo Dreaming Podcast. Sandra is a very warm and talented host, and made to feel at home ! Sandra was born to communicate her intentions with joy and that is contagious! i am very thankful that our paths have crossed!

Luz Retreats

Daniela Luz

Luz Retreats